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  • Hello beauties!

    Boys Will Be Girls dressing service is a high quality and discreet dressing service in London that is run by myself in a private residence at Bermondsey/Tower Bridge area.

    I am a professional makeup artist (since 2010) and specialize in transgender, beauty/glamour and even drag makeup.

    Being a trans women myself i was naturally drawn to the beauty of transformation and the endless possibilities you can achieve with makeup.

    I can do a range full of different looks and styles, i love doing glamour makeup and can work on all types of faces whether they are masculine or more feminine and make them appear super feminine!

    I am also great with eyebrow covering so don't worry if your eyebrows looks messy or bushy as i can easily cover them and draw a feminine ones on the top :)

    Love taking photos as well and have a really nice photography studio and lighting equipment for photoshoots.

    My wardrobe consists of lots of outfits, shoes, shapewear, lingerie, wigs and accessories in all different shapes and sizes! It is always fun experimenting with different looks for you.

    Contact me should you have more enquiries or to make a booking. It will be great to have you here :)

    Cindy xx