• Guide For Beard Covering

  • Nasty beard shadow keeps coming through the foundation?

    I know this is sensitive issue for many of you girls, and that fundamentally its a matter of passing or not passing.

    I wrote this guide in case you are not aware of the techniques used to tackle this problem. It's quite simple really if you break it down.

    Key factors you need to think about are:

    1. How much coverage does your foundation gives you?
    2. Are you applying a beard shadow neutralising colour? and how?
    3. How do you set your foundation and beard cover?


    1) Covering

    If you are using a sheer or light coverage foundation that might be the issue if you have a beard shadow on show.

    So, the more cover the better? Yes but not entirely. Go with what you can get away with, but do not overload or cake up.

    So, you can still use your sheer or more natural looking foundation on the rest of your face, but on your beard area use a

    medium or full coverage foundation, depending on what you can get away with.


    2) Beard Shadow Neutraliser

    If you don't like using a full coverage foundation on your beard area and want a more convincing and natural result, you can use a medium coverage foundation instead. If that doesn't do the trick, consider using a beard neutralising colour undearneath.

    It is basically a colour in cream consistency that you would apply and blend in your beard area before foundation, this colour will neutralise the blue/grey colour that comes up from your skin when you have a beard shadow.

    For fair skin you would need to use an orange colour, a lipstick could do a good job for that so you can go with something like the Mac Morange lipstick which is an orange lipstick.


    Or if you have warmer skin tone you will use a more redish brown colour like The Kryolan Dermacolor in shade D32.


    3) Setting.

    Always set your foundation with loose translucent powder and powder puff, this will give your foundation more resilience throughout the day.

    If you just use pressed powder and a powder brush this might not fix your foundation entirely and through out the day it might move around and that beard shadow might start showing again.

    So if you just use a full/medium cover for your beard area you just need powder once after you have applied your foundation all over.

    But if you have also applied a beard shadow neutralising colour, you will need to set it as well separately before applying foundation all over your face, and once you do you will need to set it again.

    Once you done setting with powder, always brush off the excess with a powder brush :)