• Frequently Asked Questions

  • We understand you might have tons of questions to ask us, and therefore created this lengthy FAQ for you to view.

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  • Q: It's my first time going to a dressing service, and I am very nervous.
    Q: Who is running this service?
    Q: Where are you located?
    Q: What services do you offer, and what are the prices?
    Q: I am very discreet and can't have any makeup residues or evidence left on my face after the session.
    Q: I don't want my pictures published, do you ask permission?
    Q: I am quite masculine and I'm not sure if I can be feminine like the other girls in your gallery.
    Q: What should i expect upon arriving to my appointment?
    Q: I have body hair and can't shave it, would this be a problem?
    Q: I don't have any clothes, what should I do?
    Q: What is your wardrobe like and what sizes do you cater for?
    Q: Do you provide shapewear to make my body look more feminine?
    Q: How come so many of your girls have very realistic looking cleavages, are they transgender?
    Q: I will be driving by car, are you located inside the London congestion zone?
    Q: Do you have parking facilities?