• Frequently Asked Questions

  • We understand you might have tons of questions to ask us, and therefore created this lengthy FAQ for you to view.

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  • Q: It's my first time going to a dressing service, and I am very nervous.
    A: Relax, we’re very easy going and had many first-timers coming here before, you will be put at ease from the moment you enter until you leave! The appointments are only 1 on 1 so we can focus our attention on your needs.
    Q: Who is running this service?
    A: My name is Cindy and I am running Boys Will Be Girls, you can view more information about me on the “About” page on this website.
    Q: Where are you located?
    A: We are located near the iconic Tower Bridge in central London, United Kingdom. About 7 minutes walk from Bermondsey station (Jubilee line). Our full address is sent upon booking an appointment.
    Q: What services do you offer, and what are the prices?
    A: This information is located in the menu bar under Services & Prices. If you wanted a more bespoke service, just let me know what you’re after and I will come back to you with a quote.
    Q: I am very discreet and can't have any makeup residues or evidence left on my face after the session.
    A: We are aware and taking our customers discretion very seriously, therefore your makeup will be taken off completely and thoroughly before the end of your session and there will be no traces left what so ever. You will leave exactly as you came in.
    Q: I don't want my pictures published, do you ask permission?
    A:We always ask permission from our clients before putting any pictures up, we respect your privacy if you prefer not to be included in our gallery or our social media.
    Q: I am quite masculine and I'm not sure if I can be feminine like the other girls in your gallery.
    A: You’d be surprised how many “girls” just like you thought the same way only to discover how beautiful they looked once they were all dolled up. A professionally applied male to female makeup can really transform a face, whether very masculine or just an ordinary face to make it look very feminine. We also have a variety of body shapers and corsets to achieve a great “hourglass” figure making you even more feminine. So be rest assured that you are in good hands 🙂
    Q: What should i expect upon arriving to my appointment?
    A: On arrival you will be greeted by me and taken into a private room, where we can sit and chat to get to know you and discuss briefly about your appointment and chat over a cup of tea/coffee if you’d like. All appointments are 1 on 1 basis, and discretion is kept at all times. I do live with my partner and she might come and say hello at some point during the appointment but there will be no one else around.
    Q: I have body hair and can't shave it, would this be a problem?
    A: Not at all, there are many techniques to cover legs/chest/arm hair with clothes and opaque hosiery. So don’t let this minor detail prevent you from coming.
    Q: I don't have any clothes, what should I do?
    A: That’s totally fine, We will supply all the clothes/wigs/shoes and accessories for you unless asked otherwise, we have so much to choose from, in all different sizes and styles.
    Q: What is your wardrobe like and what sizes do you cater for?
    A: We currently hold sizes 10-24 in dresses and tops/skirts, and 6-13 in shoes (UK sizes). We have literally hundreds of clothing options over 3 huge wardrobes. Most of our outfits are evening wear, and you will find some very sexy club wear, elegant dresses, tops and skirts, evening gowns, cocktail dresses and lingerie. The brands we stock are of high quality that will make any woman jealous! We also have quite a bit of more casual clothing if you ever fancy us taking you out for a day trip dressed.
    Q: Do you provide shapewear to make my body look more feminine?
    A: Yes we do! We have tons of gadgets like hips and bum pads, corsets, waist cinchers and more to create that beautiful “hourglass figure”.
    Q: How come so many of your girls have very realistic looking cleavages, are they transgender?
    A: Haha , let me assure you that these cleavages are all fake and are created by either using a smart taping and makeup techniques or more commonly, using a prosthetic silicone breastplate which I love using on my girls!
    Q: I will be driving by car, are you located inside the London congestion zone?
    A: Nope, we are just outside of it, so you don’t have to pay a penny coming here. Just make sure to plan your route carefully before coming, so you don’t end up in the congestion zone.
    Q: Do you have parking facilities?
    A: Yes we do, we have a free private parking space exclusively for our visitors just underneath our building.