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  • This month I paid my first visit to Cindy at 'Boys Will Be Girls' for my a four-hour makeover. It was a wonderful experience. Before booking my appointment I had read the testimonials on her website and I can say now that every word of praise is justified. While I was waiting nearby I was rather nervous. However, Cindy is a very kind and hospitable person so within a few minutes of arriving I felt quite at ease. She is a skilled artist when it comes to applying makeup. She also knows which wigs and clothes will work best. Previously I had always thought of myself as a brunette but the honey blonde wigs that she chose for me have made me think again. Cindy is a good photographer too. I am usually quite stiff and awkward in front of a camera but with Cindy I felt completely relaxed. The smiles in the photographs are proof of that. I can thoroughly recommend Cindy to anyone who wishes to have a makeover. I certainly hope I will be able to make the trip down from Scotland again this year.


  • Cindy at Boys Will Be Girls is the best dressing service I've ever visited. The name Dressing Service doesn't do what Cindy does justice. She is a magician. Not only does she have the most amazing, beautiful selection of lingerie, dresses, wigs and shoes to create a look that reflects exactly what you want to achieve but her make up skills are fabulous. She can create the right look at just the right moment. As a professional make up artist she knows what shades and colours will work best on your face. And on top of this, she's a great photographer. I'm Lisah French and I've visited twice so far for the Diamond Photo package and the results have taken my breath away. I plan to visit as often as I can. But there's more! Lisah is a reasonably confident girl but Cindy has done so much to build her confidence so much higher. Before, I used to feel I was impersonating Lisah but now I feel I am Lisah - physically, emotionally and mentally. That's a huge step. If you've not been to BWBG yet. Go now! It is worth every penny. On top of all this Cindy is just a lovely, gorgeous person. You are made to feel welcome from the moment you step inside. With love, Lisah French

    Lisah French

  • I saw Cindy earlier this week and had an experience I will never forget. From the very onset Cindy exudes both professionalism and warmth that instantly made me feel at ease when I first arrived. I chose the pin up girl and girl on the night out look. Upon a very warm greeting she led me to her studio that had an extremely feminine decor, I felt I was in girl mode before the makeover even begun. After explaining all the details of the appointment she brought me some lingerie and a silky robe to change into, then she worked her magic on me doing things with makeup that I didn't think would be possible with me. I have a naturally pretty masculine face so seeing the end results with my makeup and the wig was like looking at an entirely different person in the mirror. I looked like a girl and I had to struggle to hold back tears of joy only because I didn't want to ruin my eye makeup. Afterwards I had the pleasure of seeing her wardrobe which had so many beautiful dresses, skirts, tops, and costumes it was hard to make a decision. I ultimately went for the pink polka dot top with a white cardigan and she accentuated the look by adding a cute hair flower and a petticoat to give my dress an extra swing. She then led me to her studio where she gave me extremely easy to follow posing instructions which helped me look and feel more feminine with my poses. Her studio has tons of props for a variety of different looks and her photography skills are top notch. After getting some amazing shots she led me back to the salon where she adjusted my makeup and wig for a sexy girl look. She added some eye glitter and gave my eyes a smoky look that was every bit as amazing as the pin up girl makeup in its own right. Then she showed me some appropriate outfits and I decided on a sexy black, and red lacy dress which fit and felt amazing. She gave me some hip pads which gave me more of an hourglass look as well as prosthetic breasts which gave me cleavage all combining to give me a feminized physique. Back in the studio she showed me some sexy, risque poses which made me truly feel like the sexy girl I have always wanted to be. After it was all done she helped me remove all my makeup and go back into reality. It was bittersweet since I knew the dream was coming to an end but I knew I was leaving with amazing memories that will last for a lifetime. I cannot wait to come back and try out more looks, the possibilities are endless. I couldn't recommend Cindy's services enough, everybody who has seen her work on her homepage knows her work is amazing but it is one thing to see her work in photos but quite another altogether to see her utilize her amazing talents on you. Doesn't matter if you're a transgendered, crossdresser, trans fluid, or trans curious, you absolutely owe it to yourself to give Cindy's services a try.


  • I elected for an elegant look and Cindy achieved something amazing for me. I have dressed up before and had an expectation of what I would look like but what Cindy managed was something else (and a bit out of the box). Not only was the transformation good but she has good tips for the photo session too. Thank you so much and I will be back for more. Victoria


  • Wow Wow and WOW!!! Thank you so much for a fabulous afternoon it was amazing to see you work your magic and to see the finished results on my first visit to BWBG. I just loved every outfit ( all 5 of them ) and couldn't believe how gorgeous I felt and cant stop looking at the photos you took. I can't wait to come back for more. Thanks again Jenni


  • As a crossdresser I wonted to have a full makeover and photo shoot done before I got to old as I am nearly sixty one. I spent about three months looking at lots of different sites until I came across Cindy's. I read all the information and all the reviews she had received and all was so positive. I then contacted Cindy and explained how nervous I am and that I was worried that I was to old. After her calming reassurance I booked my shoot. When I arrived we sat together and had a lovely talk which calmed my nerves down and I had a great day. Cindy helped me to pose for the camera as I was not to good myself. Cindy is very professional and caring, a lovely person inside and out. I would recommend Cindy to anyone.


  • Dear Cindy, I wanted to email you to send a massive Thank You for the wonderful transformation and photo shoot experience you provided for me (27th Sept). It has always been a dream of mine to have a complete transformation and you made that dream come true! With your amazing makeup and styling skills you totally surpassed my wildest expectations. You managed to transform this below-average looking guy into a beautiful woman. Seeing myself for the first time, fully made up with the wig in place, is something I will never ever forget. I was overwhelmed with pure joy and happiness (as you saw!). I cannot thank you enough! I was nervous at the start of the appointment but chatting to you made me relax more and more as the session went on. I thank you also for being so patient and understanding with me on my first time at BWBG. You provided guidance but let me take my time and I didn't feel rushed or uncomfortable at all. I have looked through all the pictures you took and I love them! I still can't believe it is me doing all those poses. Your instructions on where to position my hands and head etc. were invaluable and made me look so much more feminine. I am usually so uncomfortable with my photo being taken but by the end of the session I was loving the camera :) And it was so much fun to try out your new breast-form with my final outfit shoot - I think they looked fantastic :) I've decided to stick with the name 'Grace' for my female side and am looking into setting up an online profile in that name, to hopefully network/chat with the other girls. And I hope to be able to visit BWBG again soon and be Grace again. It was a real pleasure to have met you and it is easy to see why so many people have written such beautiful words about you in reviews and testimonials for BWBG. I would happily give you and BWBG my highest recommendation. I had such a fun and enjoyable time I can't wait to do it again :) A final huge THANK YOU for providing me with such a magical experience - one that I will never forget. I really do hope you, Vicki and your parents have had a lovely holiday and a nice relaxing time together. Looking forward to booking my 2nd visit to BWBG soon, Love from (a very happy) Grace xxx

    Grace Fooley

  • Thank you so much for my makeover this morning, it was an absolutely amazing experience and one I wish I had undertook much sooner now! You made me feel completely at ease with what can be a very embarrassing part of my life so thank you for that and for making me feel genuinely fabulous. I have just looked through the pictures now and they are beautiful, I am so happy with them and they will be treasured.


  • My 2nd visit to BoysWillBeGirls was as welcoming as the first, it was so nice to see Cindy again and I was a lot less nervous going for a second visit. After having a little chat & catch up, she left me to dawn the lingerie and robe ready for the makeover. This time I went with a specific makeup style in mind and Cindy executed it perfectly, the final result was all I could ever have hoped for and looked absolutely gorgeous. After which I opted to wear a corset to further accentuate my hourglass figure. She then showed me all her new wardrobe editions in my size, and we picked out some favourites before starting the photoshoot. This time I booked the 5 hour package so wore a total of 6 outfits, I also went prepared with a few poses to try and I was pleased to hear she liked those that I did. I yet again had an amazing time visiting and modelling, such a great experience all together. Then the night after I received the pictures from my photoshoot and I'm absolutely amazed with the results, the 6 outfits we picked out look amazing all in their own ways and I'm glad to have taken pictures with so many lovely clothing styles during the photoshoot. Even though I came prepared with a few poses of my own, Cindy's guidance was greatly appreciated throughout the photoshoot. This paired with her incredible makeup and photography skills resulted in unbelievable photos, which again succeed in capturing my feminine image at its best and all the pictures wow those who've seen. A third visit is definitely in order sometime in the near future, and I'm already looking forward to it. Thank you so much again Cindy, can't wait to visit you again xx

    Lucy CD (2nd Visit)

  • When I first arrived at BWBG, I was incredibly nervous; I hadn't been to a dressing service in over a year! However, on meeting Cindy, my nerves immediately disappeared. I was welcomed in and we had a quick chat about some of the looks I wanted to go for. From there, I was left to slip into some gorgeous undies (Cindy had instantly sized me up - such a pro!). As Cindy came back and kicked off the make up, I watched as I was transformed into Jess, who I hadn't had the chance to be in far too long. As I slipped on the wig, the look was complete. Then came the fashion show, as we picked out a couple of outfits for each look. For each one, we headed into Cindy's photo shoot studio, where she guided me through modelling poses - something very knew to me, but I quickly learnt that I loved it! 4 hours and 400 photos later, I had rediscovered part of myself that I had really missed. Thank you Cindy. You do a wonderful thing - will be back as soon as I get another chance.


  • "Nervous? A little - it was my first time going for a complete makeover. But Cindy was fantastic. She is welcoming and her girly makup room sets the scene so well. By the time you are changed into your undies and sitting in the makeup chair you start to feel like that different person you are hoping to be.... even for a few hours. I had the three hour package so half that time is taken up with makeup (the full works including false eyelashes and french nails (I didn't know what they were either!) and the rest is fun trying on a choice of outfits for the photosessions. Not forgetting the wig! Cindy has dozens and dozens and is good at advising what she thinks works for you. Cindy takes dozens of photos in her studio with proper lighting and an eye for detail. This girl knows what she is doing! What shocked me is how easily I slipped into "girly" posing! Having my photograph taken in not "natural" to me, but wow, I felt like a colour supplement model (and sometimes Playboy model too!). Cindy can't be faulted' nor her makeover service either. She is good company; we had a laugh.... and I felt (and I think, looked) incredible. And she removes EVERY last tiny fleck of makeup at the end of your session so don't worry on that score. Cindy, darling, I am coming back!"

    Debbie Gee

  • My visit to Boys will be girls was tremendous and most memorable because of both the magic Cindy can create with her makeup skills and the genuine friendliness and warmth she has for her clients. I admit I was quite nervous, because up until now I had been a "dress at home and hide from the wife TV", but Cindy gave me the look and confidence to venture out for a wonderful evening. After some initial girl talk with Cindy and some second opinions from Victoria (Cindy's flatmate) regarding the type of look we should try for, I tried on several garments from Cindy's wonderful collection before settling on an outfit appropriate for my age and the venue to where we were headed. We then made our way to Soho for a lovely dinner and wine in T-girl friendly restaurant. After my initial apprehension, I was able to feel completely at ease, enjoying the conversation and atmosphere, blending in seamlessly with the other patrons. Because of the ease which I felt, the night seemed to go all too quickly and my time being the person I often dream about becoming was over. Unfortunately I'm not resident in the UK, but I cannot wait for another time to visit again if the opportunity arises.


  • I would just like to say what a true artist you are you are a true diamond at what u do,also i spent 3 hour with you ,what a pleasure it was to be pampered by such a wonderful women,like yourself, thank you for lovey time.


  • Had an amazing time with Cindy at BWBG, having my very first make over and photo shoot then a trip to Soho for a few drinks. Her location is easy to get to, which was a blessing as I was so nervous I could have easily forgot where I was meant to go heh. Her flat is well nice and I was lucky enough to meet her flatmate Vicky as well, after a coffee and a chat about what I would like to look like and wear she started her magic, it felt and looked amazing, she made me feel so relaxed I think I could have easily fallen asleep when she was putting on my make up heh. After my make-up and nails where done I tried on many wigs to see what suited me best, Cindy sure had her work cut out getting all the wigs out then putting them back, but then again a girls got to look her best heh. The next part was even better, off to her lovely photo studio for the shoot. What can I say, she has so many lovely outfits and shoes I just could not make my mind up what to wear!!! I wanted to try them all on heh so this was in fact my second first of the evening, it felt amazing for every second I was there, at no stage was anything rushed, it all just flowed from start to finish in a natural fashion. After my photo shoot was finished it was all change for the night out up Soho. Which I have to put down as my third first of the night heh as I have never been out in public like this before, being with Cindy and Vicky just made it feel so natural as they are both wonderful, caring people and fun to be with. If you are thinking about doing what I have done, just do it, I wish I did years ago and you cannot find anyone better than Cindy, she is a true magician. I am already planning my second and third trips back to BWBG as I have my eye on a few dresses there I want to try on heh.


  • I have just arrived home after my second makeover/photoshoot within 3 weeks with Cindy of Boys will be Girls, I must admit never in my life did I expect to have results so impressive. Cindy is so talented as a makeup artist and photographer she made me look and feel like a million dollars. And the bonus is she's so damm sexy. If it's ever crossed your mind to try a makeover this is the place to go, Cindy makes you feel at ease immediately, has a chat about how you want to look, then goes to work achieving your dreams, being a novice closet dresser I arrived a bag of nerves, but was quickly transformed into a confident (not so young) lady, on my second visit I was even confident enough to step outside with Cindy for some outdoor shots. I could go on and on with compliments but you need to experience Cindy's skills to understand my feelings, as a result of my makeovers I will now be a regular visititor and Cindy holds a special place in my heart Alison xxx

    Alison May

  • As someone who has only recently come back to crossdressing after a long break, I'd been struggling to know how to give the feminine spirit within me free rein. Visiting Cindy, I had no grand ideas about what styles I might like to try, and didn't particularly feel that I wanted to create any particular image on that particular day. Cindy took considerable time listening to my ramblings on where I think my crossdreaming may be taking me before proposing possibilities that I might like to try out, and I entrusted myself to her magic to bring about a transformation that would inspire me. She did not disappoint. Clearly a master in every aspect of creating feminine beauty, the styles that Cindy worked up for me were simply stunning – way beyond my expectation of how I could look. I felt at peace and relaxed in her make-up chair, and really felt every part a girl, quite naturally feeling the feminine energies within me bubble up and demanding attention when sitting in front of the camera. This is a precious and magical feeling, one of deep happiness and allowing liberating, confident expression. In Cindy's care, boys really do become girls. Cindy's base is incredibly centrally located, very comfortable, totally private and surprisingly quiet. Her studio is well equipped, allowing for green-screen shoots and the like, and her wardrobe is very large and impressive. To cap this all, she is a skilled photographer, make-up artist and stylist. In short, anyone who likes to visit a dressing service couldn't ask for more! Those of us who live in or close to London are very fortunate to have her on our doorstep. I will definitely be visiting Cindy again, and am sure that it won't be long, with her help, before I'm really finding my style and taking small steps toward properly introducing Anja to the world. I think a riverside bistro visit might beckon soon... Thank you, Cindy. You are truly the master (or perhaps rather mistress) of transformation! Anja x


  • I’ve been wanting to visit a service like this for a long time now but only recently did I come across Boys Will Be Girls and I’m so thankful that I did. After finding out about BWBG I fell in love, I’d never found such an amazing service catering to CrossDressers like myself before so I booked an appointment the moment I could. After paying the deposit I simply couldn’t wait to visit, on the day of the appointment my nerves slightly got the better of my in the morning but the moment I arrived they were gone. Cindy is so welcoming and friendly that any nerves you may have will be gone the moment you arrive for your appointment. The experience I had at BWBG in London was more amazing than I’d ever hoped it would be and I will definitely visit again, I cannot recommend it enough. Seeing the transformation was incredible and the result was phenomenal especially compared to anything I’d ever done myself. With a vast wardrobe of outfits to choose from and a wonderful studio, the experience of being a model for a couple of hours was something I’ll never forget and can’t wait to experience again. Not only is Cindy a great person but she is a highly professional makeup artist and photographer, the results of my photoshoot and makeover are absolutely wonderful and I’m amazed at how gorgeous I look! If you have never experienced modelling before Cindy will guide you through various feminine poses with ease to capture your beauty at its best so no need to worry about that. To anyone who is thinking of visiting BWBG it comes highly recommended from myself, it was an absolutely unforgettable experience to say the least. Thank you so much Cindy xx

    Lucy CD

  • I spent a fabulous evening recently with Cindy! After a good walk across London to calm the nerves I arrived at Cindys apartment. It's easy to find yet very discrete. I was warmly welcomed and we had a chat about what I would like to look like and the kind of things I wanted to wear. Cindy then left me, to make me a coffee, whilst I donned my fem underwear, tights and ma boobs and then it was nails and makeup. Drab to fab! No mean feat bearing in mind my drab looks! Then it was into Cindys photo studio, a choice of fab outfits and the highest pair of heels I've ever worn :) then it was "be a model" time. It was amazing! Cindy is a fabulous photographer and I felt like a supermodel throughout. Cindy took hundreds of pics for me, very impressed! All in all Cindy made made me feel really special. I highly recommend girls! Can't wait to come back for my next shoot. Sofie x


  • Cindy's Boys Will Be Girls is everything you could possibly want in a dressing service whether you are new to this or are experienced. Cindy's studio is spotlessly clean, calming and stocked with plenty of shoes, wigs, dresses and accessories to make the most of your visit. I was given a completely new look by Cindy and the photos that resulted were professionally shot. In addition to being an excellent make-up artist and stylist, Cindy is a relaxed and sympathetic individual who easily made my time energising as well as fun. I came away feeling inspired and motivated to do more with my look and stimulated to explore a wider range of dressing options. I can sincerely say that Cindy not only lived up to the advertising on her site, but exceeded my expectations and I recommend her to anyone seeking a dressing service that genuinely delivers value, quality and inspiration.


  • From start to finish it was a totally relaxing experience and a lot of fun. I am not a person who normally enjoys being photographed but I loved every element of the photo shoot. Cindy helped me feel relaxed from the outset and takes a lot of time on makeup and helping to choose the right outfits. I have rarely felt so femme as I did during my time there. She catered for my more esoteric request in that I wanted a number of photos with a cigarette - the photos made me look so elegant. I will be returning again as soon as I can and 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a makeover.


  • I suspect I did what many of you did. I looked through the testimonials to just try and a) get over my nervousness and b) get an idea of what I would be getting. This then is for newbies like me: Cindy is wonderful. Her dressing service is amazing. It took me a good 20-30 minutes to calm down once I arrived (in a quiet and safe location, thankfully), but in that time, Cindy had sat me down, chatted about what we were going to do, and put me at ease. I can’t get across how lovely it was. It took me a while to start relaxing, but Cindy was so wonderful. One tip: mail her in advance with a few things you like/don’t like. It got over the bit where I was tongue-tied for 20 minutes!!! I’m not naturally girly. I can’t shave my body hair either. But nothing was a problem. And when Cindy slipped a dress on me and I saw what she’d done, I nearly cried. It sounds such a cliché, but I never believed I could look like I did. I actually felt really girly. I think I looked it too. It’s the small things, too. She found my level of comfort. She didn’t push, or make me feel uncomfortable. She just took her time. At no point either did I get the impression it was just a job for her. She made me feel special, that she was enjoying it too. My advice to anyone considering trying Boys Will Be Girls: just send an email. That costs nothing, and I found Cindy wonderful from the first contact. Her dresses are bloody lovely too! x

    Lucy Satin

  • Cindy's Boys Will Be Girls is everything you could possibly want in a dressing service whether you are new to this or are experienced. Cindy's studio is spotlessly clean, calming and stocked with plenty of shoes, wigs, dresses and accessories to make the most of your visit. I was given a completely new look by Cindy and the photos that resulted were professionally shot. In addition to being an excellent make-up artist and stylist, Cindy is a relaxed and sympathetic individual who easily made my time energising as well as fun. I came away feeling inspired and motivated to do more with my look and stimulated to explore a wider range of dressing options. I can sincerely say that Cindy not only lived up to the advertising on her site, but exceeded my expectations and I recommend her to anyone seeking a dressing service that genuinely delivers value, quality and inspiration.


  • I spent a fabulous evening recently with Cindy! After a good walk across London to calm the nerves I arrived at Cindys apartment. It's easy to find yet very discrete. I was warmly welcomed and we had a chat about what I would like to look like and the kind of things I wanted to wear. Cindy then left me, to make me a coffee, whilst I donned my fem underwear, tights and ma boobs and then it was nails and makeup. Drab to fab! No mean feat bearing in mind my drab looks! Then it was into Cindys photo studio, a choice of fab outfits and the highest pair of heels I've ever worn :) then it was "be a model" time. It was amazing! Cindy is a fabulous photographer and I felt like a supermodel throughout. Cindy took hundreds of pics for me, very impressed! All in all Cindy made made me feel really special. I highly recommend girls! Can't wait to come back for my next shoot. Sofie x


  • "Cindy is an artist who really knows her stuff. I am a less than good-looking guy, but she brought the best out in me. This was easily the best experience I have had in twenty years. I'm only sorry that it ended so quickly. The day was a lot of fun! I can’t wait for the next visit."

    Katie Weiss

  • Cindy is the BEST! :) She is such a talented, creative, warm and friendly person, I had a wonderful day in her company. I left feeling confident, sexy, wiser about makeup/fashion and with lots of great photos! I would highly recommend Cindy, 10/10 X


  • I found Cindy to be a beautiful young lady, excellent at putting me at my ease and so professional with both her make-up and her camera. Her place is like the Tardis - opens up to so many possible places to have pictures taken and with a lovely range of outfits xox

    Fiona O'Neill

  • I've been to other dressing agencies and thought I'd would see how Cindy could work her magic on me and have to say I was not disappointed!! "From the moment I entered Cindy's apartment I felt at ease and welcomed. Once made up I couldn't believe how incredible Cindy had made me look. Staring back at me from the mirror was Nikki a beautiful female who took my breath away and left me speechless! We went to Cindy's photo cabin and picked out a few outfits that would suit my look. Once dressed in a wonderful pink dress accompanied with pink heels the photos began and Cindy worked her magic with her camera and posing me in various positions. The results were fantastic, the camera really doesn't lie!! After four magical hours and lots of wonderful pictures snapped it was time to go back to normality. I would definitely recommend Cindy and her wonderful dressing agency to any TV/ Cross dresser that want to while away a few fabulous hours seeing a different side to themselves. I'll definitely be booking another appointment when I get the opportunity to become Nikki again!!" Thanks again Nikki :-) xx


  • Just spent the most fabulous four hours with Cindy, who not only is stunningly beautiful, she can work magic with her brushes. I so so recommend a makeover with Cindy, you'll love the results, I know I did. xx

    Michelle Lori

  • Dear Cindy, I wanted to write to tell what a wonderful experience I had being made-over by you. You have such a kind and welcoming manner, that I felt relaxed almost immediately. You discussed with me what I wanted, and was able to interpret my random thoughts into a vision and version of me that I never thought possible to achieve. Your make-up skills are absolutely amazing and you have a great collection of hair, clothes and accessories. The most amazing thing for me was that I loved being photographed because I loved the way I looked. Under your guidance I wanted to flirt with the camera and enjoy myself. It was a truly glorious moment for me. Your brilliant studio in the garden certainly made this feel more real. You have helped give me the confidence to be more open in my life, and for that I thank you!


  • What I can I say Cindy is amazing and when I say amazing I really mean amazing, I nearly shed a tear when she showed me my face, I couldn’t believe it was me and I probably would have but I didn’t wan’t to ruin all her hard work!! She got the look I wanted straight away, I loved the colours and wearing the make up felt natural. Cindy made me feel comfortable and this was a massive help. Cindy I admire your skill and cannot thank you enough.

    Evelyn Spillers

  • Cindy provides a stress free, and excellent makeover/photo-shoot service!!! It was my first time dressing as a lady, and I was nothing but thrilled with the results. The makeup lesson was very helpful. She inspired me to explore this side of me which I've suppressed for more than 30 years. She is very professional, friendly, and calming it made the day a real treat. From the false eyelashes which she applied perfectly so that they looked natural, to the high quality wigs, makeup and wardrobe, and of course the photo-shoot in her own custom built private studio everything was great. Thank you so much ♥♥♥

    Sarah Carter

  • I wanted to write about the fabulous time I had having a makeover from Cindy a couple of days ago. I was nervous before I arrived, but as soon as I met Cindy she put me at ease and we had a little chat before she started working on my makeup, I couldn't believe the difference it made, especially when I tried on a few different wigs to found out which I liked best, including finding one I never would have thought of, but which worked really well. After this it was time for the photoshoot which was so much fun. I am not normally one for having photos taken, but I was so happy with my look and Cindy is so great at taking photos I found myself just naturally posing, I don't think I have ever loved a camera so much. Cindy showed me some of the photos through the shoot and I was so impressed. Unfortunately after the 4 hours had flown by it was time to change back. There was still one more treat as the next day Cindy sent the photos over and looking at them properly they are even more fabulous than I thought they were. I want to say I had such a brilliant time with Cindy and would thouroughly recommend her to anyone interested. I am definitely planning another visit. Thank you so much Cindy, Mandy xx


  • The first time I met the other woman in my life When I opened my eyes there in the mirror was this lovely looking woman with a knowing smile, soft hair, beautiful make-up and outfit and I just wanted to reach through the glass and hold her. Yet earlier that day as I left the underground station I argued with myself whether to just turn around and forget the whole idea. But so glad I didn’t because the whole experience gave me an unexpected burst of joyous emotions as I released all those bottled up, hidden away feelings from all those years. Like many others, I have always had an unpredictable desire to dress in women’s clothing, driven by a sudden sexual urge and need for relief. I have “borrowed” clothes while the other person wasn’t around and always kept a pile of undies hidden somewhere. It’s always been a secret and not something I could even joke about with mates if the subject ever came up in the pub. Nor is it something I have ever really felt compelled to admit to. It’s a form of personal self-expression that I’ve never been able to share with any of my female partners either. I have always worried that it would damage the relationship. I can’t face the fear of ridicule or rejection. After all, I am still a man who wants to be with a woman. Given how busy Cindy is I am guessing there’s a lot of us walking around out there with the same Big Secret. My true womanly self in front of me As I sat there in the chair in a bra and knickers (that for once fitted me) and the make-up started to go on I just slipped away into another, softer world. When I saw my finished look I was just breathless. There was my true female self for me to see for the first time ever. And I loved the woman I saw. Once I had my dress on, the shoes and all the other bits and pieces I couldn’t stop looking at myself, smiling, stroking my hair. I did struggle with the dizzying effect of the heels though. I was just amazed by this other side of myself and the inner calm it brought. If I could have, I would have stayed in that moment forever. Fortunately, I do have the photos to bring back all those warm, fuzzy feelings. Sometimes you just want to step away from the demands of being male, travel to the other side and become a warmer, softer, attractive woman. And that’s exactly what Cindy enables you to do. Sweet dreams, Hayley B xx

    Hayley B

  • I went to Cindy for a makeover and a night out, and I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I have tried other makeovers before but nothing like this. Where do I start? Well, first of all Cindy responded so quick and friendly to each of my questions. Her attention made me feel confident enough to hire her service and embark in this adventure. I took the tube and got off really close to the place. The location is great, not only super accessible but also nice and safe. My heart was pounding right before ringing her bell, but then a beautiful girl opened the door with a big smile and a welcoming attitude that makes you feel at home right away. That was Cindy, form the moment she greets you at the door to the last step you take out of her home, she makes you feel so comfortable. Her place is just amazing, it is so nice and tidy that even makes you want to live there, lol. We sat down in the living room and had a nice chat, which also helps to feel more confident and relaxed. She provided me with nice undergarments in order to be comfortable while doing my makeup. Honestly, the makeup is out of this world. She takes all the time she needs to get it done right. From the foundation to the fake lashes, her skills make it look so simple. You can tell right away that she enjoys what she is doing, so you can feel safe letting her take care of your image. By the time I put the wig on, I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror. I didn’t know if it was my lips, my eyes, my cheekbones, or something else but in front of me was the woman I have always dreamt to become. Once the makeup is done, you can have a photo-shoot in different outfits. She has set up a separate studio with proper lighting and a very cozy setting. I felt confortable avery step of the session. She has many dresses, accessories, shows, and wigs; everything a girl needs to have fun ;p. Her flatmate Vicky helped me with advise on how to pose and look super fem. She is also an amazing girl who helps you feel safe and fem. We went out clubbing with a private drive. This was such a plus in the service because you feel safe all the way from her place to your destination. We hanged out in different places, some gay some straight, it did not matter, I was so amazingly dressed that I never felt nervous or out of place. After hitting the clubs we went to grab a bite and then call the night. I decided to hire the B&B service, so it was really hie to come back super late and have a place to stay without any hurries. Cindy helped out removing my makeup, not without taking me the last pics before becoming a boy. I loved so much how I looked that I didn’t want to let go. I went to bed and the next morning Cindy served me a warm cup of coffee to start my day. I hit the road and thanked Cindy and Vicky for all their kindness. I really hope to to it again. I don’t think I could have found a better place that hers. Perhaps the most important thing in my experience was that both Cindy and Vicky are amazing humans beings. They are really kind, honest, and down to earth. I could not have been in better hands and I am very thankful for this experience.


  • I had a wonderful day with Cindy for a makeover and dressing appointment. I got to experience being the girl of my dreams and have lots of fun hanging out with Cindy and indulge myself in trying on lots of gorgous outfits and posing for the camera. The makeover itself exceeded my expectations. Cindy is a very talented and accomplished make up artist. She sat me down and we discussed what kind of look I wanted. She then worked her magic until I was completely transformed into feminine and, dare I say it, sexy girl! Once I put my wig on and looked at the girl in the mirror, I was astonished at what Cindy had achieved. We then went to her 'lodge' where I dressed up in a series of girly outfits and posed for the camera. The photography was highly professional with lighting equipment which provided for some very high quality images. I was very happy with the results. I was having so much fun I was losing track of time, but Cindy was very understanding and ensured that I did everything I wanted to do before our day was over. I would strongly recommend Cindy to anyone seeking a high quality makeover service. Her makeover skills and dressing/photography facilities are really first class, the location is central and very convenient and Cindy herself is lovely, charming and very understanding. You will have a fabulous time. I look forward to seeing her again soon. Sammi xxx


  • Hi, I am usually useless a providing feedback, I am typical “A+” ebayer kinda feedback person (you know the ones), but I think this needs something very different. I went to meet Cindy for a makeover yesterday, this eventually happened after months of me giving her little or no notice, then even letting her down on an appointment (I still feel guilty about that…..these are things to avoid people!!!!)… But she’s a girl of many patience and was still very happy to have me. I really don’t know what it was about Cindy which stood out to me on the chix makeover section, I mean I am from the north, we are supposed to never go south and spend the least amount of cash possible (tight I think the word is….) but joking apart let me confirm, you are certainly getting what you pay for when it comes to a makeover, don’t chance not getting a professional, her feedback just says it all. ….So I decided for me it just had to be Cindy, and I think for many of you who have also felt the way I have; just wanting to try, experiment or even just break out like me, then find the courage and make contact. I’ve had a makeover many years before, this was NOT with Cindy, it wasn’t good, and I think he did circus clowns at the weekends?? So anyway… I knew about the nerves, they always kick in when you don’t want them, with Cindy there aren’t any , I’m betting if you are really, really scared she’ll melt them away in no time, mine were! You have to take the leap, make up can just be hell unless you do it all the time, if you’re like me it can even make you feel like giving up at times, so why not see how it can be done?... sit back, enjoy it and just see what happens right in front of you. Yes you can’t do it now, but with Cindy’s help just see what you could do with time. My mind set right now, well I have been closet, purged, denial, nervous, god everything, But at times people you just have to realise it doesn’t matter, take the risk to be who you are! I have never posted a clear photo before but I am now… the photo is off my iPhone (poor quality), not Cindy's Camera, I didn't want her to use her camera on the day (little steps), which she was amazing about x Just go, arrange the makeover, she’s so discrete and her apartment is great, if you’re lucky you might even meet Vicky! I’ve said my piece, I hope this feedback stands out to you, feel free to message me if you would like to know more, better still message Cindy. Cindy, the miracle maker, thank you always, See you very soon. Rose xXx